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You’ve bought the dress of your dreams and you feel like a million dollars in it. You just wonder what bridal underwear would make it look even better on you! There’s nothing like a bridal petticoat to give your dress a streamlined shape that will have you looking and feeling like a princess! Bridal Petticoats come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you are sure to find something that will have your dress looking fabulous!

The bridal petticoats at Sophie & Grace are made by UK designers ‘Jupon’ who are known for their expertise in creating an enhancing a desirable silhouette. Whether you have a fishtail, ‘A’ line, or Princess style dress Jupon are guaranteed to have designed something perfectly apt to go under your dress. A dress is only as good as the bridal petticoat you put under it! Without it your dress could look shapeless and quite unflattering. When you first lay your eyes on a wedding petticoat you can be forgiven for thinking it’s an item that you can do without. Bridal petticoats may not look appealing in the flesh but once you’ve put one on underneath your dress you’ll appreciate how fantastic they really are!

Bridal petticoats by Jupon are made from 100% nylon with a lycra waist for the ultimate in comfort and effect. The flattering shape is created from a mixture of plastic coated metal hoops and layers of net. How may layers of net you need really depends on the style of dress you have chosen. For example if you had a Princess style dress and wanted the ultimate full petticoat then the Jupon Bridal Petticoat ‘Jordan’ 185 has 13 layers of net guaranteed to give you that ‘wow factor’!

If you have a slimmer fitting ‘A’ line dress then the Jupon Bridal Petticoat ‘A’ Line168 could be just the item you need! It focuses on the use of layers of net to provide fullness without the use of a plastic coated metal hoop. You may think that your fishtail dress doesn’t need a petticoat. However once you’ve tried your dress with the Jupon Bridal Petticoat ‘Fishtail’ 189 underneath you’ll realise just how important a wedding petticoat is!

Sophie & Grace receive stock from Jupon on a daily basis so place your order today and you will receive your bridal petticoat quickly without hassle. If you know of a Jupon petticoat not listed on our website please get in touch as we may be able to get them for you.

By: David Gabbitas – UKIM

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